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At Nelson Jones we strive to provide value to our clients by offering quality legal services at affordable prices. Beyond offering clients our expertise and proven track record at hourly rates well below most of our competitors, we make every effort to ensure your hard-earned money is used in the most efficient manner possible.  We understand the complexities of family law and empathize with our clients on these difficult emotional and financial issues. Nelson Jones is here to help you understand the law so you can make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Modification of a previously entered decree of divorce or paternity order is, in our experience, the most common type of family law case in Utah.  The reason so many people seek modifications is due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to: (i) having represented themselves without an attorney in the initial action, (ii) a strong desire to move on with their lives regardless of the legal cost, and (iii) a concerted effort to avoid the costs of hiring an attorney.  

As many people later learn, none of the reasons listed above leading to the entry of an inadequate or unfair decree or paternity order are worth the cost that will almost certainly be paid at a later date, whether monetarily or emotionally. Unfortunately, once a decree or paternity order is entered it becomes much more difficult to change things moving forward.  This is because a party attempting to modify a prior order must show that a substantial and material change in circumstances, not contemplated at the time the original order was entered, has occurred, warranting a change to the prior order.  Often times, a party seeking modification simply has “buyer’s remorse” and wants to change things because, in hindsight, the prior order is unfair.  While the prior order may, indeed, be unfair, this does not typically constitute a substantial and material change in circumstances, as is required for modification.  

Complicating matters further, once an order has been entered, temporary relief, absent extenuating circumstances, is no longer available.  This means that a party seeking modification may end up waiting two years or more before having an opportunity to present the issues to a judge.  

In short, there are a host of specific circumstances that may satisfy the substantial and material change in circumstances analysis undertaken by the courts when considering a request for modification.  Indeed, consulting with an attorney at Nelson Jones regarding the specific facts of your case is, in our estimation, the best way to assess the likelihood of successfully modifying a prior order in your case.

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Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to the negligence and misconduct of others. Often times, a personal injury is simply the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Navigating the legal system without an attorney, in an effort to be restored to one’s pre-injury status, can be difficult, if not insurmountable.  Rest assured, however, that the attorneys at Nelson Jones are here to help you through the process of recovery and to make sure you receive as much as possible given your injuries.  In fact, if you don’t recover a settlement or judgment for your injuries, the time we spend on your case is free. 

It’s important to note that many people, even when seriously injured, hesitate to file a lawsuit to recover for their injuries given others might perceive their actions as frivolous.  This perception, however, should not deter an injured party from filing a lawsuit.  Indeed, an injured party will every only be restored to his or her pre-injury status, thereby making the injured party whole.  The public’s perception that an injured party somehow receives a windfall when he or she recovers for personal injuries is misguided.    

At Nelson Jones, we genuinely care about our clients and undertake every effort possible to restore them to their pre-injury status.  When you call the firm to discuss your case you will speak with an attorney, not a paralegal or legal assistant.  We offer a free consultation to discuss your case so that you can get to know us before making the decision to retain an attorney.

We are proud to represent law enforcement officers around the state through our affiliation with the Utah Fraternal Order of Police (“FOP”). We have hard-to-find experience dealing with municipal and state agencies to handle discipline, termination, and administrative grievances. We also provide effective representation at POST.
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We offer special rates and discounts to all law enforcement officers on all of our legal services, including family law and personal injury actions. We put our experience to work in service of those that serve us.
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Insurance defense encompasses many different forms of civil liability, and thus offers a number of practice areas. The most common areas include auto accidents, homeowners insurance and personal injury cases (such as slip-and-falls, defamation and mold exposure). Other practice areas include medical and professional malpractice, labor and employment, admiralty, environmental, governmental, toxic torts, product liability and professional negligence.

The attorneys at Nelson Jones have decades of combined legal experience. With this experience in mind, the firm was founded on the idea of providing clients with quality legal services at affordable prices. 

Finding and selecting an attorney to represent you can be a difficult process, particularly if you don’t know anyone who has first-hand experience with a law firm or its attorneys. At Nelson Jones we strive to be as up front as possible about who we are, our rates, and how we approach cases.  Because we know the process of selecting an attorney is difficult, we offer free consultations so you, as a potential client, have an opportunity to get to know us.  We believe, after visiting with us, you’ll find us to be experienced, proficient, compassionate, and aggressive attorneys capable of delivering excellent results. 

The attorneys at Nelson Jones have handled thousands of cases and have the experience required to effectively manage your criminal case.  Aiding in this endeavor is the fact that we have great working relationships with many of the prosecutors pursuing your criminal matter on behalf of the state or county.  In addition, we are familiar with the Justice Court judges that will hear your case.

We pride ourselves on educating our clients about their legal matters to empower them to make the best decision possible, particularly on issues that must be decided by the client, such as plea agreements.  As your attorneys, we make ourselves available to discuss issues and concerns you have in relation to you case.  To facilitate this communication we often provide our clients with our cell phone numbers.

The attorneys at Nelson Jones have significant experience with small to mid-size businesses and have represented a variety of companies on a host of matters. Current and former clients include businesses specializing in air transport, large scale payroll processing, construction, and local retail. The attorneys at Nelson Jones have obtained excellent results for our clients in commercial disputes involving contracts, acquisitions, defective products, construction matters, and employment issues.

We can help aid in the selection and formation of an appropriate business entity, the resolution of an internal or external business dispute, the enforcement of contractual obligations, and navigation of the labyrinth of regulations imposed by state and federal government. If you need advice addressing legal issues relating to your business, the attorneys at Nelson Jones are here to help.  We are happy to discuss your legal options at no charge, and because we understand the value of both time and money we offer extremely competitive hourly rates.