Our family law office encompasses many issues, from divorce to child custody, from parentage actions to child support. Our team in Sandy has extensive experience in this area and whatever your issue, Nelson Jones can help with an individualized and affordable solutions at our offices. We pride ourselves on having the know-how to handle the unique aspects of every family law case. More importantly though, our family and divorce attorneys work to be available to our clients, to be sensitive to their needs, and to secure results in a cost-effective way. Click here to learn more about our family practice.

There are many personal injury professionals. Nelson Jones provides hands-on representation and personal attention to our clients. We are invested in helping you recover. Remember, big firms need to pay big dollars for their big offices and bigger advertising budgets. That money comes from clients. Our attorneys pride themselves on offering favorable fee arrangements that leave more money in our client’s pockets. Click here to get to know us with a free consultation at our  office.

We are proud to represent law enforcement officers around the state through our affiliation with the Utah Fraternal Order of Police (“FOP”). We have hard-to-find experience dealing with municipal and state agencies to handle discipline, termination, and administrative grievances. We also provide effective representation at POST. We have Force Science certified representatives who can respond to officer involved critical incidents.
We offer special rates and discounts to all law enforcement officers on all of our legal services, including family law and personal injury actions. We put our experience to work in service of those that serve us.
For a complete list of FOP benefits, click the Law Enforcement tab on our Practice Areas page.

Nelson Jones is an AV-rated firm with decades of combined experience handling a wide array of complex municipal defense cases in both state and federal court. We provide top-notch quality at superior rates without duplicative or unnecessary billing. Our team has provided services to many municipalities through the ULGT and Travelers. More information can be found here.

The Nelson Jones team has handled hundreds of criminal cases, ranging from traffic citations to serious felonies. We have the years of experience necessary to effectively manage your criminal case and seek a positive outcome when the deck is stacked against you. Our professionals are equipped to fight hard when necessary, but we also maintain valuable relationships with prosecutors so that we can provide our clients with as many options as possible. Our goals are to be available to our clients, educate them about the process and the charges they are facing, and to fight hard to deliver outcomes that can put our client’s lives back on track. Click here to learn more about fighting back.

Running a business is challenging enough on its own. This is particularly true if you face special regulation, employee issues, or a lawsuit. Our team can help with a wide array of issues ranging from formation of a business entity, to regulatory compliance, to complex litigation. Our goals are to reduce legal costs, provide expertise and direction, and to efficiently and effectively resolve litigation. More information on our business-oriented services can be found here.

By visiting our offices we can help with your case. Family Law is the part of the Utah court system that handles cases related to marriage, parentage, and children. Such “domestic relations” cases also include adoption, parentage, custody, alimony, and more. The professionals at Nelson Jones, PLLC have extensive experience representing Salt Lake City area clients in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce. Whether you are going through a divorce, battling for custody rights, need to secure alimony, or want to modify an existing court order, you can count on our family law professionals for the experience and attitude required to achieve excellent results. Our divorce attorneys understand the complexities and unique aspects of each case and strive to help clients understand the law so they can make the best decisions for their family.Our office's location help avoid the high costs seen with downtown divorce attorneys Whether you are from West Valley, West Jordan, Taylorsville, Salt Lake City or somewhere in between, we are the neighborhood professionals you can count on to help.

The family law experts at Nelson Jones’ Sandy office have years of experience fighting for all types of divorce and parentage clients in Sandy, West Valley, West Jordan and Taylorsville. From beginning a case through trial, Nelson Jones'  attorneys have successfully helped many people overcome the fears and pitfalls seen in family courts. Our attorneys are dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of Utah law on divorce, custody, and alimony. Most importantly, our team is committed to making your money go further. We’re confident you won’t find a better value in the Salt Lake City area.

Legal Expertise for Family Law Cases
When a couple goes through a divorce in Utah, it forces them to address difficult issues like child custody and support, division of assets and debts, and alimony. Our law offices can help you. Nearly every separation case raises additional unique problems that might require an attorney's assistance. Even if court filings aren’t necessary, a divorce attorney can often be helpful. We bring knowledge and experience that can help in modifying or enforcing child support payments or restructuring visitation schedules. While solving a case through mediation or settlement is often a cost-effective option, we aren’t afraid of trial. We use all the tools that benefit our clients and protect their family’s future. Our team of attorneys will guide you through these difficult times, utilizing our expertise in family law to achieve positive results throughout courts in the Salt Lake valley.

Beyond just divorce, our Sandy, Utah attorneys provide support and guidance for a wide range of other family law cases. From our  offices, we are able to assist with prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, modifications of child support and child custody orders, alimony issues, asset distribution, and more. At Nelson Jones, PLLC, we understand the financial and emotional toll of these issues, and our team is committed to providing the counsel needed to help you move forward with your life. If you have questions about how we can solve a problem relating to custody, alimony, or any other family law issue in the Salt Lake City area, call Nelson Jones, PLLC or visit our office today.